Anada channels and supports each person into their wellness, holding people through their personal portal of healing change at a pace their body has set for them and their needs, with compassion and skill.

Anada aids in the managment of trauma recovery, C-PTSD management, emotional blocks and spiritual blocks. Anada helps people manage acute and chronic pain, gut issues, and mood issues. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine helps with women's and men's hormone imbalances, assisting pregnancy, birth, birth preparation (including babies in sub-optimal positioning, home-births, stalled labour), post partum issues (milk supply problems, bleeding, pain). Anada helps with many muscle skeletal issues like frozen shoulder, sciatica, spasms, strains, disc bulges, bursitis, arthritis, and scoliosis. Acupuncture is helpful for managing auto immune disorders, nervous system issues and dysregulation, as well as general unwellness with no diagnosis. Anada also advises with diet and lifestyle changes to suit specific ailments according to the guidelines of Tradtional Chinese Medicine, both modern and classical.